DINE IN HOURS: Sun-Wed: 12p-8p, Thu-Sat: 12p-10p

  1. We cannot accommodate groups larger than 4, and everyone in the party must be from the same household.
  2. Only complete parties will be sat per the county’s requirements. Tables are first come/first served.
  3. For the time being we can only accommodate guests who are 21+, and well-behaved, on leash dogs (must remain by your side).
  4. Social distancing is mandatory.  We ask guests to keep 6 feet distance when walking by other guests and staff.
  5. Guests are required to wear a mask, wear it properly, and keep it on when seated at a table, until your food & drinks are served and again after finishing them. Also please wear your mask whenever an HPB employee approaches your table.
  6. Guests are also required to be seated at their table at all times except for when ordering, using the restroom (if restroom is in use, please wait at designated waiting zone), or leaving the patio.
  7. Food is required with the purchase of alcohol.
  8. If you or anyone in your party have been feeling ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you stay home.  All guests and employees will have their temperature checked before entering.
  9. There is a 90 minute time limit per table.

(For To-Go menu, visit here)



Baseball Lager – 4/9oz | 6/16oz Sports Lager, 5%

Refresh – 4/9oz | 6/16oz Light American Pils, 4.5%

America’s Preference – 5/9oz | 7/16oz Premium Pilsner, 5.5%

Wow Awesome – 5/9oz | 7/16oz Table Beer with Grapefruit, 5.8%


Timbo – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Hoppy Pilsner with  Citra & Mosaic, 5.8%

Sorry, Dude! – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Hoppy Pilsner with Nelson & Lime leaves, 5.7%

Electric Living – 4/6oz | 7/12oz
Hazy IPA with Galaxy & Riwaka, 6.8%

Hello LA – 6/9oz | 8/16oz
West Coast IPA with Citra & Mosaic, 6.8%

Losing Control – 5/6oz | 8/12oz
Hazy DIPA with Simcoe, Citra & Vic Secret, 8%


Stay Stout – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Nitro oatmeal Stout, 6.1%

Griffith J. Griffith – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Imperial Stout with Trystero coffee, 12.7%

High 7 BA Blend – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
7th Anniversary blended Bourbon & Port barrel aged Imperial Stout, 14.2%

Collective Blend #3 – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Blended Rum Barrel aged Imperial Stout w/vanilla & maple wood, 12.3%

Chaos Into Order #2 – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Barrel aged Imperial Stout with lactose, vanilla, cedar, cacao & cinnamon, 12.2%



Twiced Sangiovese – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Barrel Aged rustic Saison aged on Sangiovese wine Pomace, 6.0%

Coldbox Coolship Apricot – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Barrel Aged Spontaneous ale with Apricots, 5.7%

Bring the Sun      $6/6oz $9/9oz
Rustic Saison aged on Masumoto peaches & nectarines, 6.2%

Lingua Franca Fruta      $6/6oz $9/9oz
Blended barrel aged sour ale with cherries, raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and marionberries, 5.7%


Threes – Yclept – 10/16oz Hoppy Pils, 5.2%

Enegren – Shöner Tag –  6/9oz or 8/16oz Hefeweizen, 5%

Shacksbury – Cider – 6/6oz or 9/12oz Basque style Cider, 6%



Charity Tots – Pizza Tots (vg) – 9
Tater tots tossed with Italian herb spice, spicy marinara sauce, vegan parmesan, vegan ricotta & Calabrian chile.
Portion of proceeds will be donated to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Bahn Mi Sandwich – 12
Pork belly, mint, cilantro, kale, Sriracha Mayo, pickled slice jalapeños, shredded daikon, carrots on potato bun


Dill Chips(vg) – 5
potato chips tossed with dill seasoning 
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

French Fries (vg) – 6
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

Cheese Fries(v) – 10
Fries, queso, scallions 
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

Tater Tots (vg) – 7
house spicy ketchup
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

Brussel Sprouts (vg) – 8
Flash fried Brussels, Sriracha agave sauce, fried shallots
*Suggested beer pairing: Hello LA*

Jumbo Pretzel (vg) – 10
10oz pretzel, house mustard, chipotle crema, coarse salt. add queso for +4.  
*Suggested beer pairing: Timbo*

Bread & Cheese (v) – 12
Bub & Grandma’s Focaccia, Prairie Breeze white Cheddar, Manchego, Point Reyes blue, spiced walnuts, fruit preserves
add Calabrian Salami +1
*Suggested beer pairing: Coldbox Coolship Apricot*

Little Gem Salad (v) (vgo) – 9
arugula, pears, blue cheese, walnuts, red wine vinaigrette
*Suggested beer pairing: Coldbox Coolship Apricot*

Fried Chicken Sandwich – 11
fried Chicken tossed with spicy salsa macha, sliced cabbage, bird sauce, pickles on Martin’s potato bun *salsa macha contains almonds*
*Suggested beer pairing: Timbo*

HPB Burger (vo) – 10
single patty, onions, sharp cheddar, bird sauce, pickles, Martin’s potato bun
*vegetarian Impossible patty available +4
*Suggested beer pairing: Hello LA*

Vegan Burger (vg) – 14
Impossible patty, American vegan cheese, jalapeño crisps, arugula, bird sauce, brioche bun
*Suggested beer pairing: Electric Living*

Peanut Butter Cookie (vg) – 5
gluten free, served warm
*Suggested beer pairing: barrel aged stout*

(v) Vegetarian, (vg) Vegan,
(vo) Vegetarian option
(vgo) Vegan option



Rosé, Quarticello – 14
Emilia Romagna, IT


Orange, Ocho – 13
Khatketi, Georgia


Chardonnay & Grenache Gris, Débit D’Ivresse – 12
Languedoc-Roussillon, FR


Chilled Carignan, Emme – 15
Mendocino, CA

Syrah & Grenache, Mas Mellet – 14
Rhône, FR


Le Spritz, Ghia – 8/12oz
Non alcoholic aperitif spritz

Topo Chico, 3
Sparkling mineral water

Coke, 3

Squirt, 3



*For off site consumption only*

Refresh – 14/4-pack (16oz cans)
Light American Pils, 4.5%

America’s Preference – 16/4-pack (16oz cans)
Premium Pilsner, 5.5%

Sorry, Dude! – 18/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hoppy Pilsner with Nelson & Lime leaves, 5.7%

Electric Living – 19/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy IPA with Riwaka & Galaxy, 6.8%

Losing Control – 21/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy DIPA with Simcoe, Citra & Vic Secret, 8%


*For off site consumption only*

Bring The Sun – 15/500ml
Rustic saison aged on Masumoto peaches & nectarines, 6.2%

Cold Box Cool Ship Apricot – 17/500ml
Spontaneously fermented ale with apricots, 5.7%

Twiced Sangiovese – 15/500ml
Barrel fermented rustic saison aged on Sangiovese wine pomace, 6.0%


*For off site consumption only*

Sparkling Wine J. Altaber – Foufounette – 31/750ml
Sparkling Aligote from Burgundy, FR, thats fermented with Apricots. 

Rose Quarticello – Spuma Mia – 28/750ml
Sparkling rosé of Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna, northern Italy.  Red plum, hibiscus, smoke and a touch of effervescence.

Orange Cacique Maravilla – Vina Naranja – 30/750ml
Sparkling rosé of Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna, northern Italy.  Red plum, hibiscus, smoke and a touch of effervescence.

White Iruai – Mineral Range Chardonnay – 32/750ml
Cool climate Chardonnay from Siskiyou county, CA.  High acid, medium bodied.  Meyer lemon, wild flowers and rocky minerality.  

Red-ish Iruai – Bloom Phase – 30/750ml
Grenache, Pinot Gris, Muscat & Syrah from Siskiyou county, CA.  Light bodied, high acid, low tannin.  Blood orange, & tropical fruit.

RedMas Mellet – Pari Finesse – 29/750ml
Syrah & Grenache from southern France.

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