proof of covid vaccination now required

  1. Proof of vaccination is required of all guests 12 and over for entry into the brewery.
  2. Tables are first come/first served. We are observing a maximum capacity limit on busy days.
  3. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on leash and must remain by your side. No dogs allowed for inside seating, unless service animal.
  4. Outside food is not allowed.
  5. Masks are required indoors at all times unless eating and drinking.
  6. We ask that guests remain seated while drinking and eating inside the taproom. You are welcome to stand while outside in the patio.
  7. If you or anyone in your party have been feeling ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you stay home.
  8. There is a 120 minute time limit per table.
dine in details


Sun-Wed: 12p-10p (Kitchen closes at 8:45p)
Thu-Sat: 12p-12a (Kitchen closes at 9:45p)

Snacks available until last call every day

Lunch Special
Monday to Thursday 12-3pm

Add chips or fries to any sandwich for $4!




Cat Nap – 6/6oz | 8/12oz
Rye Saison, 4.9% 

Refresh – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Light Pilsner, 4.5% 
$24 Pitcher

Fill Pils – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
German Pilsner, 5.2% 
$25 Pitcher

Thunderbolt Gold – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Helles Lager, 4.8% 
$25 Pitcher

America’s Preference – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Premium Pilsner, 5.5% 
$25 Pitcher

Lager Supernova – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Lager w/Sangiovese pomace, 5.2%

Wine Spritz – 12/9oz
White Wine, citrus, gentian. Served over ice w/a grapefruit peel garnish.


Timbo Pils – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
West Coast Pilsner w/Citra & Mosaic, 5.7%

Fresh Forever– 5/9oz | 8/16oz
Fresh hopped Pale Ale w/Citra, Simcoe, Cascade frozen fresh hops,  5.6% 

Hello LA – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
West Coast IPA w/Citra & Mosaic, 6.8%

Coco Wham! – 6/6oz | 9/12oz
IPA w/coconut & passion fruit tea, 7%

The Party – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
West Coast IPA w/Citra, Mosaic, & NZ Cascade and Spanish Cedar, 7.2%

Neon – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
West Coast IPA w/Mosaic, Galaxy, Citra, 7.3%

Simcoe Aerobics – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
Hazy West Coast IPA w/Frozen Fresh Simcoe Hops, 7%

DDH Pillow  – 6/6oz | 8/12oz
Hazy DIPA w/Citra, Mosaic, Citra Cryo, Mosaic Cryo, 8%

Irresponsible – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Hazy Triple IPA with Vic Secret, Galaxy, Citra, and Citra Cryo, 10%


Bortz – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Dark Lager, 5.5% 

Old Tomorrow – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Blended Barleywine, 12% 


On Leaves –6/6oz | 9/9oz
Rustic Saison aged on leaves, 5.3%

Green Chimera –6/6oz | 9/9oz
Barrel Fermented Rustic saison, 5.5%

Athletic Susan –6/6oz | 9/9oz
Barrel Fermented Saison w/peaches & nectarines, 5.9%


Dark Star– 6/6oz | 9/12oz
Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed by Fremont Brewing, 8%  On Nitro!

Shacksbury Rosé Cider – 6/6oz | 9/12oz
Dry and crushable – made like a rosé wine, 5.5%

Underberg – 5/20ml
Natural herb bitters from Germany



Weekly Specials

BBQ Pulled Pork Tater Tots (gf) – 10
Tater tots, Handy Market BBQ Sauce, housemade pulled pork, shredded pepper jack cheese, scallions, pickled red onions
*Suggested beer pairing: Hazy IPA*

Buffalo Wings (gf) – 10
Chicken wings tossed with buffalo sauce, scallions, with ranch on side.
add Blue Cheese crumbles +2; add 4 wings +5.50
*Suggested beer pairing: Timbo*

Bacon Cheeseburger – 13
Shredded iceberg lettuce, bacon, Queso sauce, tomato, Kewpie mayo on Martin’s potato bun (contains dairy).
*Suggested beer pairing: Timbo*


Tapatio Chips (v)(gf) – 5
Tapatio powder on house made chips, wedge of lime
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Chef’s Mixed Nuts (vegetarian)(gf) – 5
Cashews, almonds, pepitas, baked with Cayenne & Cinnamon. Contains egg whites.
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Citrus & Rosemary Olives (v)(gf) – 4
Manzanilla & Nicoise olives, calabrian oil, rosemary, orange peel
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Chocolate Chip Cookie (v) – 5
Colombian Chocolate & Maldon salt
*Suggested beer pairing: Stout*


French Fries (v)(gf) – 6
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Cheese Fries (vegetarian)(gf) – 10
Jalapeño queso, and scallions. add bacon bits +2
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Tater Tots (v)(gf) – 7
with side of house spicy ketchup
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Bread & Cheese (vegetarian) – 15
Bub & Grandma’s Focaccia, Prairie Breeze White Cheddar, Manchego, Point Reyes blue, spiced walnuts, pickled green beans, fruit preserves; add olives +2, add salami +1
*Suggested beer pairing: Hazy IPA*

Brussels Sprouts (v)(gf) – 8
Sriracha agave sauce, crispy shallots. add bacon bits +2
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

German Pretzel (v) – 10
10inch Rockenwagner Pretzel Baguette, coarse salt, served with sides of house mustard & chipotle crema, coarse salt. add cheese sauce
*Suggested beer pairing: Thunderbolt Gold*

Spinach & Brussel Sprout Salad (v)(gf) – 10
Baby spinach, flash fried brussel sprouts tossed with agave & Sriracha lemon dressing, cranberries, walnuts, fried shallots & Vegan Parmesan Cheese
add fried chicken +5, add bacon bits +2
*Suggested beer pairing: Mixed Fermentation Ale*

Hot Dog Project: Neal’s Dawg – 12
Created by our bartender Neal! Okonomiyaki sauce, Kewpie Sriracha Mayo, Furikake, Shredded Cabbage, Bonito Flake on bun
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Fried Chicken Sandwich – 12
Fried chicken breast with salsa macha, mixed cabbage, bird sauce, pickles on Martin’s potato bun (contains dairy) *salsa macha contains almonds
*Suggested beer pairing: Hazy IPA*

HPB Burger – 12
Grass-fed single patty, onions, sharp cheddar, bird sauce, pickles, Martin’s potato bun (contains dairy).
*vegetarian Impossible patty available +4
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Vegan Burger (v) – 16
Impossible patty, American vegan cheese, jalapeño crisps, bird sauce, Rockenwagner brioche bun
*Suggested beer pairing: Hoppy Pilsner*

(v) Vegan
(vegetarian) Vegetarian
(vo) Vegan option (gf) Gluten Free

HPB uses only grass fed beef from Grass Run Farms & free range chicken from Coleman Natural Farms.
No hormones & no antibiotics



Strange Hybrid Moment – 16
Bright berries and cream! Mouth watering and delicious, need we say more?
Blend of five grape varietals
Produced by Lightwell Survey in Shenandoah Valley, VA


Le Blanc – 13
A beautiful skin contact wine. A little tang, baking spices and some light smoke all come together to create a warm, cozy experience a bit like sipping scotch.
Rousanne grapes
Produced by Turner Pageot in Languedoc, FR
*Pair w/Chicken Sandwich*

Sauvignon Blanc – 18
Orange blossoms and creme brûlée notes are perfectly balanced w/a mineral limestone finish. A beautifully structured and elegant skin contact wine.
Produced by Cote West in Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak, CA
*Pair w/Brussel Sprouts*


Ser Muscat – 14
A fuller white that has notes of honeysuckle and pear balanced with a bit of white pepper and nuttiness. Approachable and delicious
Orange Muscat Grapes
Produced by Ser Winery in Paso Robles
*Pair w/nuts and olives*

Les Bonnets Blancs – 12
A dry easy drinking light white w/ notes of crisp apple and marzipan. Fresh and Fun!
Melon de Bourgogne grapes
Produced by Bonnet-Huteau in Loire Valley, FR
*Pair w/German Pretzel*

Cremant d‘Alsace Brut – 15
A lively and dry bubbly w/apple turnover, pear and brioche notes. Let the festivities begin!
Reisling and Auxerrois Grapes.
Produced by Domaine Gross in Alsace, FR
*Pair w/Buffalo wings*


Electron – 15
A lively, juicy and bright sparkling chilled red. Big berry fruit, a touch of mint & ocean spray breeze. Just incredible!
A blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, Semillon & Riesling grapes
Produced by Elmyra in Los Angeles, CA
*Pair w/Fries*

Sans Ordonnance Rouge – 15
Dark garnet color, big cherry and blueberry w/velvety tannins.
Produced by Les Vignes du Domaine du Temps in Languedoc, FR
*Pair w/ HPB Burger*

Gamay Noir – 14
A medium bodied chilled red w/lovely acidity and structure. Big Raspberry notes with a bit of spice and wood.
Produced by Division in Willamette Valley, OR



Le Spritz, Ghia – 8/12oz
Non-alcoholic aperitif spritz. Available in Original or Ginger

Trystero Iced Coffee – 5/16oz
Flash-chilled, served black

Singha Soda Water, 3

Mexican Coke, 3
Glass bottle, real sugar

Sprite, 3
Glass bottle, lemon lime soda w/real sugar


*For off site consumption only*



Refresh – 15/4-pack (16oz cans)
Light Pilsner, 4.5% 

Fill Pils – 16/4-pack (16oz cans)
German Style Pilsner, 5.2% 

Timbo – 18/4-pack (16oz cans)
West Coast Pilsner w/Mosaic & Citra, 5.7%

Fresh Forever– 18/4-pack (16oz cans)
Fresh hopped Pale Ale w/Citra, Simcoe, Cascade frozen fresh hops,  5.6% 

Neon– 18/4-pack (16oz cans)
West Coast IPA w/Mosaic, Galaxy, Citra, 7.3%

Simcoe Aerobics – 19/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy West Coast IPA w/Frozen Fresh Simcoe Hops, 7%

Coco Wham! – 21/4-pack (16oz cans)
IPA w/coconut & passion fruit tea, 7%

DDH Pillow  – 24/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy DIPA w/Citra, Mosaic, Citra Cryo, Mosaic Cryo, 8%

Irresponsible – 24/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy TIPA w/Vic Seret, Galaxy, Citra & Citra Cryo, 10%

Green Chimera – 7/single 26/4-pack (12oz cans)
Barrel Fermented Rustic Saison 5.5%