Dine-in hours:

Wed-Sun: 12p-8p

You must also closely abide by our dine-in safety guidelines:

  1. We cannot accommodate groups larger than 6. Only complete parties will be sat per the county’s requirements.

  2. For the time being we are only accommodating guests who are 21+ and for the safety of our guests and employees cannot accommodate pets.

  3. Social distancing is mandatory.  Tables are set more than 6 feet apart and we ask guests to keep 6 feet distance when walking by other guests and staff.

  4. Guests are required to wear a mask, and wear it properly, at all times except for when seated at a table.

  5. Guests are also required to be seated at their table at all times except for when ordering, using the restroom, and entering or exiting the establishment.

  6. If you or anyone in your party have been feeling ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you stay home.  All guests and employees will have their temperature checked before entering.


(*As of 10/16, subject to change, may be out of date)

(For To-Go menu, visit here)


Snack Mix (vg)   4
chili oil spiced peanuts, corn nuts & almonds

French Fries (vgo)  6
make it poutine (v) with cheese curds, scallions & mushroom gravy +4

Jumbo Pretzel (v)   9
house mustard, coarse salt

Chips & Guac (vg)   8
corn tortilla chips, guacamole, pico de gallo

Beet Salad (vgo)   9
arugula, pepitas, sherry vinaigrette, blue cheese

Bread & Cheese (v) 10
Bub & Grandma’s Focaccia, pickles, Prairie Breeze cheddar cheese
add Olympia Provisions summer sausage +3

HPB Burger (vo) 10
single patty, onions, Tillamook cheddar,  bird sauce, pickles, Martin’s potato bun
*vegetarian Impossible patty available +4

Avocado & Bacon Burger (vo) 12
Single patty, Nueske’s bacon, avocado, iceberg lettuce, tomato, bird sauce, Martin’s potato bun
*vegetarian Impossible patty available +3

Chocolate Chip Cookie (v)   4
Fat + Flour dough, with a little bit of oats

(v) Vegetarian, (vg) Vegan, (vo) Vegetarian option, (vgo) Vegan option



Refresh $4/9oz $6/16oz
House Beer, 4.5%

Thunderbolt Gold* $5/9oz $7/16oz
Helles Lager, 4.8%

Pleasant Pils $5/9oz $7/16oz
Italian-style Pilsner, 5.2%

Finally Fresh $5/9oz $7/16oz
Keller Pils, 5.3%

Fill Pils* $5/9oz $7/16oz
German-style Pilsner, 5.2%  

Crosbo Pils* $5/9oz $7/16oz
Hoppy Pils with Crosby Hop Farms Strata & Idaho 7, 5.8%  

Easy Fruit* $5/9oz $7/16oz
Wheat Ale with Passionfruit & Grapefruit, 5.2% 


Stay Stout         $5/9oz $7/16oz
Nitro Oatmeal Stout, 6.7%

High 6 BA Blend     $6/6oz $9/9oz
Blended Brandy, Port & Cognac Barrel Aged Strong Ale 12% 

Best in the World   $6/6oz $9/9oz
Modern Times collab Imperial Stout w/Vanilla, Coconut & Muscovado Brown Sugar 13%

Chaos Into Order $6/6oz $9/9oz
Barrel aged Imperial Stout with Trystero coffee, cacao nibs & hazelnut, 12%


Nelson Spaceship*   $5/9oz $7/16oz
Pale Ale with Nelson, 6%  

Good Luck Sandwich*   $5/9oz $7/16oz
Cellarmaker Collab Pale Ale, 6%  

Hello LA*   $5/9oz $8/16oz
West Coast IPA with Mosaic & Citra 6.8%

Hola LA   $5/9oz $8/16oz
WC IPA with Cilantro & Ancho Chili, 6.8%

People Power*   $6/9oz $9/16oz
Hazy IPA with Citra & Talus, 7.4%

DDH Past Future   $6/9oz $9/16oz
DDH Hazy IPA with Citra, Mosaic & Galaxy, 7%

Hyper Real*   $6/9oz $9/16oz
WC DIPA with Nelson, Riwaka & Motueka,8.5%

More*     $4/6oz $6/9oz
Hazy DIPA with Citra, Nelson & Riwaka, 8.3%

Irresponsible     $6/6oz $9/9oz
Hazy TIPA with Galaxy, Citra & Vic Secret, 10%

Jetski Backflipzzz*     $6/6oz $9/9oz
Alvarado Street collab Hazy TIPA with Idaho 7, Citra, Nelson, Strata, Idaho 7 Cryo & Citra cryo, 10%


Continuing On $6/6oz $9/9oz
Craftsman collab cask fermented Saison, 5%

Lingua Franca Fruta  $6/6oz $9/9oz
Sour Ale w/Cherries, Blackberries, Marionberries & Mulberries 5.7%

Fun Juice   $6/6oz $9/9oz
Sour Ale aged in red wine barrels with passionfruit and citrus, 4%




Housemade Wine Spritz             10
white wine, fruit, citrus, botanicals


Rose of Lambrusco, Quarticello             12
Emilia-Romagna, IT      


Macerated Falanghina+, Giardino          15
Campania, IT       


Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma Mtn             12
Sonoma, CA    


Chilled Cab Sauv, Caleb Leisure            12
Sonoma, CA

Chilled Red Blend, Débit D’Ivresse        12
Grenache & Mourvèdre. Roussillon, FR