1. Tables are first come/first served. We are observing a maximum capacity limit on busy days.
  2. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on leash and must remain by your side. No dogs allowed for inside seating, unless service animal.
  3. Outside food is not allowed.
  4. If you or anyone in your party have been feeling ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you stay home.
dine in details


Sun-Wed: 12p-10p (Kitchen closes at 8:45p)
Thu-Sat: 12p-12a (Kitchen closes at 9:45p)

Snacks available until last call every day

Lunch Special
Monday to Thursday 12-3pm

Add chips or fries to any sandwich for $4!




Fill Pils – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
German Style Pilsner, 5.2% 
$24 Pitcher

Vienna Lager – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Amber Lager, 5% 
$24 Pitcher

Easy Fruit – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
Wheat ale with Passionfruit and Grapefruit, 5.2%
$28 Pitcher

Wine Spritz – 12/9oz
White Wine, citrus, gentian. Served over ice w/a grapefruit peel garnish.


Feel Good – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
Pale Ale w/Chinook, El Dorado, & Centennial hops, collabo w/Cloudburst Brewing, 6.%

Timbo– 5/9oz | 8/16oz
West Coast Pilsner w/Citra & Mosaic, 5.7%

Always Glowing– 5/9oz | 8/16oz
Pale Ale w/calamansi citrus & Mosaic hops, 5.7%

NZ Aerobics  – 6/9oz | 9/16oz
Hazy West Coast IPA w/all New Zealand hops, 7%

Training Bines – 6/9oz | 9/16oz
IPA w/Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Motueka, Citra Cryo, & Mosaic Cryo, 7%

DDH Yeah Yeah – 6/6oz | 9/12oz
Double Dry Hopped Double IPA with  Nelson, Mosaic, Citra, Chinook, & Mosaic Cryo, 8%

DDH Magic Actually – 6/6oz | 9/12oz
Double Dry Hopped Double IPA with  Michigan Copper, Nelson, Citra, & Citra Cryo, 8%
collabo w/Vitamin Sea Brewing


Stay Stout – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
Nitro Oatmeal Stout, 6.1%

Buzz Crunch– 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Imperial Stout w/hazelnut & Trystero coffee, 13% 


Continuing On  – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Cask fermented Saison collaboration w/Craftsman Brewing Company, 5%

Lazy Susan  – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Sour Wheat Ale w/Masumoto Peaches & Nectarines, 6.1%

Post Modern  – 7/6oz | 10/9oz
Smoothie style seltzer with Passionfruit, Mango, Black Lime, & Vanilla, 5%
In collaboration with Tripping Animals


Cactus Rosé – 6/6oz | 9/12oz
Cider w/Cactus pears & lemon peel from 101 Cider, 6.9%

Underberg – 5/20ml
Natural herb bitters from Germany



Chicken Biscuit Special – 16
Chef’s Cheddar biscuits with Fried Chicken, pickles, hot honey butter, & bird sauce.<3<3<3

Chef’s Filipino Specials

Mabuhay Burger – 13
Pork smashed Longanisa patty, cheesy cheese, garlic chips, Papaya pickled slaw,  spicy Banana Ketchup on Martin’s Potato bun

Adobo Burrito – 14
Jasmine Rice, Pork Belly slow cooked with Soy Sauce & Vinegar, Peppercorns, Garlic Chips &  Fried Egg, Flour Tortilla

Bibingka – 6
Rice flour, Sweet coconut Salty cheese on Banana leaf

Weekly Specials

Orange Sweet & Spicy Tots (v)– 11
Tater tots w/sweet chili sauce, Sriracha, toasted sesame seeds, & scallions
+3 add chicken
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Queso Dog  –  12
Cheese sauce, crispy onions, pickled jalapeños, bacon bits 
Veggie option available!
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast Pilsner*


Chips & Queso (vegetarian)(gf) – 6
Corn tortilla chips with jalapeño Queso & dusted with sumac
*Suggested beer pairing: Baseball Lager*

Chef’s Mixed Nuts (vegetarian)(gf) – 5
Cashews, almonds, walnuts, baked with Cayenne & Cinnamon. Contains egg whites.
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Citrus & Rosemary Olives (v)(gf) – 4
Manzanilla & Nicoise olives, calabrian oil, rosemary, orange peel
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Chocolate Chip Cookie (vegetarian) – 4
Colombian Chocolate & Maldon salt
*Suggested beer pairing: Hazy IPA*

Zapp’s Voodoo Heat Chips (v)(gf) – 2.5
New Orleans Kettle Style *made with peanut oil*


Jumbo Pretzel (v)13.50
Hand rolled, Hand formed, Full lye- bath (Vegan & Locally sourced), chipotle crema, grain mustard for dipping
+2 add cheese sauce
*Suggested beer pairing: Fill Pils*

French Fries (v)(gf) – 7
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Cheese Fries (vegetarian)(gf) – 10
Jalapeño Queso, and scallions. add bacon bits +2
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Tater Tots (v)(gf) – 8
with side of house spicy ketchup
*Suggested beer pairing: Pilsner*

Brussels Sprouts (v)(gf) – 9
Sriracha agave sauce, crispy shallots. 
add bacon bits +2, add Blue Cheese crumbles +2
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Harvest Salad (v)(gf) – 10
Seasonal Greens, toasted sliced almonds, cherry tomato, dried pear, currants, grapes, pear vinaigrette on side
add Prairie Cheddar +1, add fried chicken +5, add bacon bits +2

Spinach & Brussel Sprout Salad (v)(gf) – 10
Baby spinach, flash fried brussel sprouts tossed with agave & Sriracha lemon dressing, cranberries, walnuts, fried shallots & Vegan Parmesan Cheese
add fried chicken +5, add bacon bits +2
*Suggested beer pairing: Mixed Fermentation Ale*

Bread & Cheese Plate (vegetarian) – 15
Bub & Grandma’s Focaccia, Prairie Breeze white cheddar, 5-month old Manchego Mitica, house made chili walnuts, strawberry preserves
add Calabrian Salami +1; add olives +2; add Point Reyes Bay Blue cheese +2

Buffalo Wings (gf) – 13
Chicken wings tossed with buffalo sauce, scallions; celery & ranch on side. Free range chicken.
add Blue Cheese crumbles +2; add 4 wings +7
*Suggested beer pairing: Hazy IPA*

Fried Chicken Sandwich – 13
Fried chicken breast with salsa Macha, mixed cabbage, bird sauce, pickles on Martin’s potato bun (contains dairy) *salsa Macha contains almonds
*Suggested beer pairing: Hazy IPA*

HPB Burger – 12
Grass-fed single patty, onions, sharp cheddar, bird sauce, pickles, Martin’s potato bun (contains dairy).
*vegetarian Impossible patty available +4
*extra beef patty +5
*Suggested beer pairing: West Coast IPA*

Vegan Chipotle Burger (v) – 16
Impossible patty, vegan cheddar, chipotle crema, frizzled onions, greens, pickles, Rockenwagner vegan, brioche bun
*Suggested beer pairing: Hoppy Pilsner*

(v) Vegan
(vegetarian) Vegetarian
(vo) Vegan option (gf) Gluten Free

HPB uses only grass fed beef from Grass Run Farms & free range chicken from Coleman Natural Farms.
No hormones & no antibiotics



Lily Rose – 14
Peachy gummy candy, juicy, fruity and fun!
Grenache and Cinsault grapes
Produced by Mas Mellet in Rhône Valley, FR


Vines Sum – 13
Pet Nat. A golden sparkler, white fruit, wildflowers, & toasted brioche.
Pignoletto Organic Grapes
Produced by Oro di Diamanti in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
*Pair w/cheese plate*

Il Rosso – 13
Bright cherry pop rocks, complex berry fruit leather, everything you want in a sparkly red.
Lambrusco grapes
Produced by Folicello in Emilia-Romagna, Italy


Bamboo Road – 18
Light skin contact, citrus zest, stone fruit. Fun and Zippy!
Vermentino Grapes
Produced by Stefan Legnani in Liguria, Italy

Ionic – 15
Still, medium skin contact, honey & peaches, textural & delicioussss!
Reisling (2020) grapes
Produced by Elmyra in Los Angeles, CA
*Pair w/Harvest Salad*


Saveurs de Claude – 16
Tropical fruit glou glou! Fresh and delicious all day drinker.
Organic Pinot, Auxerrois, Sylvaner.
Produced by Les Vins Pirouettes in Alsace, FR

Chardonnay “Un”– 15
Vibrant with a beautiful balance of oak and acidity. A fresh take on an old world style.
Chardonnay grapes
Produced by Division in Willamette Valley
*Pair w/Chef‘s mixed nuts*


Alta – 17
Juicy marionberry and a touch of cinnamon bark. Pleasantly savory, medium bodied w/ vibrant acidity and balanced tannins. Sangiovese and Merlot Grapes
Produced by Elmyra in Los Angeles, CA
*Pair w/HPB Burger*

Grenache – 14
Smooth and approachable chilled light red. Layered fruit notes with some minerality and zip. Juice!
Grenache Grapes
Produced by Cote West in Dry Creek Valley, CA
*Pair w/Harvest Salad*



Le Spritz, Ghia – 8/12oz
Non-alcoholic aperitif spritz. Available in Original or Ginger

Trystero Iced Coffee – 5/16oz
Flash-chilled, served black *fresh bags of beans available to go!*

Tepache, 6
Fermented Pineapple Soda with Mango and Chiles. Probiotic and Non-alcoholic.

Mexican Coke, 3
Glass bottle, real sugar

Sprite, 3
Glass bottle, lemon lime soda w/real sugar


*For off site consumption only*


Fill Pils– 17/4-pack (16oz cans)
German Style Pilsner, 5.2%

Vienna – 17/4-pack (16oz cans)
Amber Lager, 5%

Easy Fruit – 16/4-pack (16oz cans)
Wheat Ale w/Passion Fruit & Grapefruit Peel, 5.2%

Feel Good – 18/4-pack (16oz cans)
Pale Ale w/Chinook, El Dorado, & Centennial hops, collabo w/Cloudburst Brewing, 6.%

Always Glowing – 19/4-pack (16oz cans)
Pale Ale w/calamansi citrus, 5.7%

NZ Aerobics – 20/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy West Coast IPA w/all New Zealand Hops, 7%

Training Bines – 20/4-pack (16oz cans)
IPA w/Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Motueka, Citra Cryo, & Mosaic Cryo, 7%

DDH Magic Actually – 24/4-pack (16oz cans)
Double Dry Hopped Double IPA with  Michigan Copper, Nelson, Citra, & Citra Cryo, 8%
collabo w/Vitamin Sea Brewing

Griffith Stout –  12/16oz can   46/4-pack (16oz cans)
Imperial Stout, 13.2% 

Lazy Susan  – 9/12oz can   34/4-pack (12oz cans)
Sour Wheat Ale w/Masumoto Peaches & Nectarines, 6.1%