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  1. Tables are first come/first served. We are observing a maximum capacity limit on busy days.
  2. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on leash and must remain by your side.
  3. Unvaccinated guests must wear a mask while not seated at their table. Vaccinated guests are welcome to not wear a mask.
  4. We ask that guests remain seated while drinking and eating inside the taproom. You are welcome to stand while outside in the patio.
  5. If you or anyone in your party have been feeling ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you stay home.
  6. There is a 120 minute time limit per table.

(For To-Go menu, visit here)



Baseball Lager – 4/9oz | 6/16oz Sports Lager, 5%

Refresh – 4/9oz | 6/16oz Light American Pils, 4.5%

Easy Fruit – 5/9oz | 7/16oz Wheat ale with Passionfruit & Grapefruit, 5.2%


Timbo – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Hoppy Pilsner with Mosaic & Citra, 5.8%

Crosbo – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Hoppy Pilsner with Strata & Idaho 7 from Crosby Farms, 5.8%

New View – 5/9oz | 7/16oz
Hazy Hoppy Lager with Citra, Strata & Talus, 5.7%

Hello LA – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
West Coast IPA with Mosaic & Citra, 6.8%

Side by Side – 6/6oz | 8/12oz
Hazy DIPA with Strata, 8%

Wonder Cloud – 4/6oz | 7/12oz
Hazy IPA with Mosaic & Nelson, 7%

DDH Sugar on my Tongue – 6/6oz | 8/12oz
Double dry hopped Hazy DIPA, 8.5%


Colonel Griffith Batch 2021 – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Imperial Stout with Trystero coffee and vanilla, 13.5%

Griffith J. Griffith – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Imperial Stout with Trystero coffee, 12.7%

Slowly Peeled – 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Blended Imperial Stout with vanilla & banana 12%


Coldbox Coolship Raspberry 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Barrel Aged Spontaneous ale with Raspberries, 5.7%

Coldbox Coolship 2020 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Spontaneously fermented ale, 5.7%

Coldbox Coolship 2017 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Spontaneously fermented ale, 5.7%

Waketaneous 6/6oz | 9/9oz
Spontaneously fermented ale collaboration with J. Wakefield Brewing, 8.6%


Valkyrie – Enegren Brewing Company – 5/9oz | 8/16oz
German Amber Lager, 6.2%

Sunlit – 101 Cider House – 5/6oz | 8/12oz
Apple cider with Citra hops and grapefruit peel, 6.9%

Spon 2018 Blend #1 – Jester King – $12/6oz
Spontaneously fermented beer, 6.9%



Charity Tots – Hot Cheeto Queso Tots (vg)- 9
Queso cheese sauce, dusted with Hot Cheetos, scallions, pickled red onions, Tajin – add bacon bits for $2!
*A portion of the proceeds will go to the LGBT Center LA for the month of June*

Barbacoa Tostada – 12
Two tostadas topped with Monterey & Jack Cheese, Beef Barbacoa, Pickled red onions, Fresno pepper, Cabbage mix, Cilantro & Antonio’s famous salsa.

Cajun Sweet Fries (vg) – 7
Sweet potato fries tossed with Cajun & a side of Chipotle aioli 


Cool Ranch Style Chips(vg) – 5
potato chips tossed with Ranch seasoning 
*Suggested beer pairing: Mosaic Aerobics*

Citrus & Rosemary Olives (vg) – 6
Manzanilla & Nicoise Olives, Calabrian oil, Rosemary & Orange peel
*Suggested beer pairing: Not Forgotten*

French Fries (vg) – 6
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

Cheese Fries(v) – 10
Fries, queso, scallions 
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

Tater Tots (vg) – 7
house spicy ketchup
*Suggested beer pairing: America’s Preference*

Jumbo Pretzel (vg) – 10
10oz pretzel, house mustard, chipotle crema, coarse salt. Add queso for +4.  
*Suggested beer pairing: Refresh*

Mango Rush Salad (v) (vgo) – 10
Baby spinach & kale, dates, dried cranberries, chili limón walnuts, pickled pears, crumbled blue cheese & mango vinaigrette *Add fried chicken +5
*Suggested beer pairing: Twiced Sangiovese*

Brussel Sprouts (vg) – 8
Flash fried Brussels, Sriracha agave sauce, fried shallots. Add bacon bits +2
*Suggested beer pairing: Side by Side*

Bread & Cheese (v) – 14
Bub & Grandma’s Focaccia, Prairie Breeze white Cheddar, Manchego, Point Reyes blue, spiced walnuts, fruit preserves
add Calabrian Salami +1; add olives +3
*Suggested beer pairing: Coldbox Coolship Apricot*

Fried Chicken Sandwich – 12
fried Chicken with spicy salsa macha, sliced cabbage, bird sauce, pickles on Martin’s potato bun *salsa macha contains almonds*
*Suggested beer pairing: Side by Side*

HPB Burger (vo) – 11
single patty, onions, sharp cheddar, bird sauce, pickles, Martin’s potato bun
*vegetarian Impossible patty available +4
*Suggested beer pairing: Standing in the Sun*

Vegan Burger (vg) – 16
Impossible patty, American vegan cheese, jalapeño crisps, mixed, bird sauce, brioche bun
*Suggested beer pairing: Baseball*

Chocolate Chip Matcha Cookie (v) – 5
Colombian Chocolate & Maldon salt
*Suggested beer pairing: barrel aged stout*

Lunch Specials Monday to Thursday 12-3pm
Add a side of French Fries or Chips to your Burger or Sandwich for an additional $4

(v) Vegetarian, (vg) Vegan,
(vo) Vegetarian option
(vgo) Vegan option



Rosé Table Wine, Quarticello – Spumamia – 14
Montecchio, IT


Stay Tuned!


Chardonnay & Grenache Gris, Débit D’Ivresse – 13
Languedoc-Roussillon, FR

Chardonnay, Iruai – 15
Etna, CA


Chilled Cabernet Franc, Piak! – 14
Saumur-Champigny, France

Syrah & Grenache, Mas Mellet – 14
Rhône, FR


Le Spritz, Ghia – 8/12oz
Non alcoholic aperitif spritz

Topo Chico, 3
Sparkling mineral water

Coke, 3

Squirt, 3



*For off site consumption only*

Baseball – 14/4-pack (16oz cans)
Sports Lager, 5%

Refresh – 14/4-pack (16oz cans)
Light American Pils, 4.5%

Crosbo – 17/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hoppy Pilsner with Strata & Idaho 7, 5.8%

Hello LA – 17/4-pack (16oz cans)
West Coast IPA with Mosaic & Citra, 6.8%

DDH Sugar on my tongue – 23/4-pack (16oz cans)
DDH Hazy DIPA with Strata, Nelson, Cryo Citra, 8.5%

Easy Fruit – 15/4-pack (16oz cans)
Wheat ale with Passionfruit and Grapfruit, 5.2%

New View – 17/4-pack (16oz cans)
Hazy Hoppy Lager with Strata, Citra, Talus, 5.7%


*For off site consumption only*

Cold Box Cool Ship Apricot – 17/500ml
Spontaneously fermented ale with apricots, 5.7%

Twiced Sangiovese – 15/500ml
Barrel fermented rustic saison aged on Sangiovese wine pomace, 6.0%

Not Forgotten – 15/500ml
Barrel fermented Saison aged on Chardonnay pomace from Whitcraft Winery. Collabo with Burial Beer Co., 6.8%


*For off site consumption only*

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