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Over two years ago, NENO began as a chapter of the SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition. In 2022, they decided to become their very own 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in order to focus on outreach and support for their neighbors in Northeast Los Angeles.

Northeast Neighborhood Outreach, or NENO, takes a grassroots approach: through weekly outreach, we focus on creating bonds of familiarity and trust with our neighbors, and through advocacy, we work to find solutions catered to their specific needs.

They’re always looking for new volunteers, and welcome anyone to get involved however they would like: Saturday bagging, Sunday outreach, or more behind-the-scenes work, like social media strategy or data management! Check out their website for more info!

Breaking Silence is a nonprofit organization that is committed to creating spaces where empathy, open dialogue and leaning into hard conversation are used as tools to decrease violence and harassment. By guiding employees through our interactive and engaging training, individuals are left with the ability to start having hard conversations, understand the role that empathy and boundaries have in preventing unwanted moments, and how to safely intervene when something is off.
Throughout the training, we simply ask that you lean in, get curious and practice empathy.


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