Welcome to Griffith Weekend 2024!

Our celebration of beer and coffee (and more specifically beer with coffee).

This year’s Griffith Weekend will be the longest Griffith Weekend yet! We’re kicking it off on Thursday evening (1/25) with a special Griffith DJ Night featuring DJ Hoseh, where we’ll start off the festivities with a few vintage Griffith kegs.


Before getting into the beers… We have to talk about the food! On Friday Chef Caroline will be whipping up another amazing batch of Griffith Chili (also available in a vegan version option). You’ll be able to order it as a bowl, on fries, or on a hot dog. Also starting on Saturday 1/27, we’ll have a Griffith Burger! A spin on a western burger with Griffith BBQ Sauce. You will not want to miss these.


On Friday we’ll be in full Griffith Weekend swing, with the new release of Griffith (2024), once again in 12 oz. cans. We’ll also be pouring a rotating selection of Griffith vintages.


On Saturday we’ll be releasing BA Griffith (2024) in 500ml bottles as the draft release of Maas Griffith, as well as a rotating selection of BA Griffith vintages.


To bring it home on Sunday we will have two special Roaster Select coffee variants. We asked Greg from Trystero Coffee and AJ & Lee from Loquat Coffee. to select some extra special beans to highlight in two special draft only versions of Griffith.


Roaster Select Griffith:
Loquat Coffee

The Coffee: Panama Gesha from Adaura Farms – ASD Dry Ferment:
Adaura Farms is a 3 generation family farm located in the El Salto village of Boquete, Panama – an area rich with volcanic soil and optimal coffee growing ecosystems.

Gesha varietal originates from the Gesha Village in Ethiopia but was brought to Panama in the mid 1960s. It first gained notice due to its resistance to coffee leaf rust – a devastating disease that can wipe out an entire farm – and its strong floral fragrance and tea-like characteristics. Usually grown in small batches, Geshas remains one of the most exclusive and sought after varietals in the industry.

ASD is the industry abbreviation for “anaerobic slow dry”. This is used to describe when the coffee, with cherry intact, is placed in fermentation tanks with little to no oxygen. They stay in these fermentation tanks for around 120 hrs before being taken out to dry.

Dry Ferment refers to when the coffee is left intact with its cherry and left in the sun to slowly dry. Farmers will also occasionally rake them to ensure even drying on all sides. Once the optimal moisture level is reached, the cherry is removed, the coffee is milled, and packaged to be exported.In the cup we get a sweet but clean profile with citrus florals as a top note.

Roaster Select Griffith:
Trystero Coffee

The Coffees: A blend of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Adorsi Black Honey & Colombia Quindío Campo Hermoso Edwin Noreña Bourbon Red Fruits

The primary coffee, at 80%, will be a black honey Yirgacheffe: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Adorsi Black Honey, banana, cocoa, and vanilla
The second coffee, at 20%, will be this intense strawberry coffee from Edwin Noreña: Colombia Quindío Campo Hermoso Edwin Noreña Bourbon Red Fruits, strawberry, more strawberry, and even more strawberry, with a little cherry. The ‘red fruits’ co-fermentation by Edwin Noreña is achieved by an initial carbonic macerated fermentation with 40% coffee mossto and 60% strawberry mossto. This infusion of strawberry must is allowed to ferment with the coffee for 48 hours.”